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How a Former Employee’s Blog Post Caused a Public Relations Nightmare for Uber

Former Uber employee Susan Fowler recently published a scathing blog against the company alleging she was the target of extensive sexual harassment. Susan’s blog post details her time at Uber and what she and other female workers experienced. If the following story is true, it would be a textbook example of workplace discrimination against women. According to the blog post, the sexual harassment started on Susan’s first day when a manager targeted her with inappropriate text messages through the company chat. Susan claims the manager mentioned he was in an open relationship and looking to have sex with other women. After receiving the disturbing messages, Susan went to human resources. She expected HR to do their jobs and reprimand the manager. Instead, she claims HR told her the manager was a “high performer” and they did not feel comfortable punishing him over an innocent mistake. The blog post alleges Uber…
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Class Action Lawsuit Against Carl’s Jr. Filed Over Wage Suppression

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Carl Karcher Enterprises (CKE) over allegations of wage suppression. CKE is the parent company of Carl’s Jr., a chain of fast food restaurants. According to the lawsuit, filed by one current and one former employee of Carl’s Jr., managers are prevented from taking higher paying positions at other franchises (other Carl’s Jr. locations). The lawsuit alleges CKE’s “no-hire” agreements allow the company to save on labor costs by keeping wages artificially low for managerial workers. Carl’s Jr. franchises operated by CKE are competitive. By barring managers from transferring to other franchises, managers would be unable to negotiate higher pay by threatening to take their skills to a competitor. According to attorneys representing the workers, managers are directly employed by the franchises and not CKE. The attorneys argue CKE has no grounds to restrict movement between locations. What are Employment Law Class Action…
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Why Are These Firefighters Suing the City of Los Angeles for Discrimination?

Six firefighters employed by the Los Angeles Fire Department have filed a workplace discrimination lawsuit against the city. According to the plaintiffs, they were subjected to harassment because of their African American or Latino ethnicities. The firefighters allege ethnic minorities and women were called names and disrespected by other members of their stations. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim they were called “slugs”, and told they were too lazy and afraid to fight fires. In addition, the firefighters claim they were retaliated against for reporting misconduct and other violations. Time will tell if the allegations against the Los Angeles Fire Department are factual. However, racial and sex discrimination are commonplace across the country. Workers should be aware of the warning signs of such mistreatment, as they may have legal options to hold their employers accountable. Are You Experiencing Discrimination in the Workplace? Workplace discrimination can take several forms. There are three…
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