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How Can I Request Leave Under FMLA in California?

If you work at a business or company that has 50 or more employees, you may request a leave of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA. This is a federal law that applies to every eligible employee in the country, but certain states like California have their own version of the FMLA. California’s is called the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), and it contains some overlapping and contradictory employee rights that might confuse someone who needs to take a leave from work. Here are some ways you are eligible for leave under the FMLA, and what makes the federal law different than the California-based law. What Is Covered Under The FMLA? If a worker is eligible for leave under the FMLA requirements, he or she can take up to 12 work weeks off of unpaid leave. You can take this leave if you need to take…
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What Employment Rights Do I Have As A Pregnant Woman?

Receiving the proper time and amount of maternity leave seems like a difficult task, especially with rapidly changing employment laws recently. However, if you are a California resident that is pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, you have state and federal rights that will allow you to take pregnancy leave. Unfortunately, many businesses will not properly follow pregnancy leave laws, or will take advantage of you if you don’t know your rights. Here are some employment rights you or someone you know should be aware of as a pregnant woman. What Does The Law Say? Besides the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which mostly every U.S worker follows, California workers have additional pregnancy employment laws, such as the California Family Rights Act (CRFA) and the Pregnancy Disability Leave Law for paid and unpaid leave. Under the CFRA, which is California’s version of the FMLA, a pregnant employee is allowed…
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Do I Need an Employment Law Attorney?

When do you actually need an employment attorney to help with your case? Reasons You May Need an Employment Lawyer Employment law is complex and there are several deadlines you need to meet in order to pursue your case. Unless you spend some serious time researching these laws for your state, it is a wiser idea to let someone handle it who knows what they are doing. There are many facets of employment law that you may not know about. Some employment laws are confusing, and you may end up having a case that you did not even realize you had. Additionally, there are some laws that you think exist, but actually do not. If ever you think you might have a case, it is best to run it by a lawyer. If your employer is not taking your claim seriously, a lawyer can help straighten that situation out for…
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