Month: January 2018

Is It Workplace Bullying or Sexual Harassment?

Photo of a Female Employee Overhearing Verbal Harassment

Are there legal differences between workplace bullying and sexual harassment? Workplace bullying is not explicitly illegal in California. However, employers in California who have 50 or more employees are required to provide training to supervisors every two years that includes training on prevention of workplace bullying. But if workplace bullying crosses a line into workplace … Continue reading

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How to Fight Against Discrimination in the Workplace

Photo of Two Female Employees Gossiping About Their Male Coworker

Facing discrimination in the workplace is a difficult and stressful situation. Discrimination can take a number of forms, from discrimination based on race to national origin to sexual orientation to pregnancy and more. If you are facing discrimination in the workplace, you should know that you have rights, and those rights are being infringed upon … Continue reading

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