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Do I Need an Employment Law Attorney?

When do you actually need an employment attorney to help with your case? Reasons You May Need an Employment Lawyer Employment law is complex and there are several deadlines you need to meet in order to pursue your case. Unless you spend some serious time researching these laws for your state, it is a wiser idea to let someone handle it who knows what they are doing. There are many facets of employment law that you may not know about. Some employment laws are confusing, and you may end up having a case that you did not even realize you had. Additionally, there are some laws that you think exist, but actually do not. If ever you think you might have a case, it is best to run it by a lawyer. If your employer is not taking your claim seriously, a lawyer can help straighten that situation out for…
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Is It Workplace Bullying or Sexual Harassment?

Are there legal differences between workplace bullying and sexual harassment? Workplace bullying is not explicitly illegal in California. However, employers in California who have 50 or more employees are required to provide training to supervisors every two years that includes training on prevention of workplace bullying. But if workplace bullying crosses a line into workplace harassment, then you may have a legal right to compensation. Under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), employees have a legal right to be free from workplace harassment on the basis of the following protected traits: Race Religion Color Ancestry National origin Disability, whether physical or mental Mental condition or genetic information Marital status Sex Gender, gender identity and gender expression Age Sexual orientation Military/veteran status So, depending on the type of bullying that occurs, it is very easy for a coworker or other employee to cross the line from workplace bullying to…
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How to Fight Against Discrimination in the Workplace

Facing discrimination in the workplace is a difficult and stressful situation. Discrimination can take a number of forms, from discrimination based on race to national origin to sexual orientation to pregnancy and more. If you are facing discrimination in the workplace, you should know that you have rights, and those rights are being infringed upon by whoever is committing discriminatory acts. If you believe you are being unlawfully discriminated against, here’s what you can do: Make your employer aware that discrimination has occurred. Oftentimes, these illegal acts go unnoticed or unpunished by higher-ups in companies because the victims are too afraid to speak out. If the person who is unlawfully discriminating against you is your direct superior, don’t be afraid to speak to someone higher up. Tell your employer that not only do you believe discrimination is occurring, but that you intend to take the matter seriously. Demand that each…
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