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Signs of Emotional Distress from a Hostile Work Environment

Since we spend so much of our daily lives in our workplace, we want it to be a safe and friendly environment. Stress is expected during work hours, and a little bit of stress might even be helpful to keep you focused, energetic, and challenged. Excessive workplace stress, however, can be damaging to for your performance and productivity, and it can impact your physical and emotional health. Many times, this stress is a result of a hostile work environment, which is most likely caused by harassment from your employer or other employees. Here are some signs that you are emotionally distressed at work as a result of harassment: Fear of being laid off: One common emotional distress signal from work is that you have a constant fear that your employer will fire you. This is due to your employer inappropriately threatening you of termination, or him/her constantly disappointed by your…
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Is Racial Workplace Discrimination Getting Worse?

If you have read or watched the news at all in the past few years, it seems that overall racism and racial discrimination has been getting worse in our country. Recently, it appears that men and women of all different kinds of racial minorities have been more intensely targeted through racial bigotry, and this hatred seems to have caused more and more police shootings, suicides, and general severe injuries and fatalities. However, the question has been raised, is this racial discrimination actually getting worse, or has this always been a huge problem in America? Workplace discrimination, specifically, seems to be on a rise, and there has been an implication in a rise of racial injustice in certain workplaces and business communities. How Has Racial Discrimination Been Identified? One of the most difficult aspects of racial discrimination in the workplace is the fact that it can be hard to point out,…
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How a Contract Dispute is Resolved in California

In certain business arrangements, there might be a disagreement between two or more parties. This happens most often in relation to business contracts, and a dispute can occur when something listed in a contract creates a dissension, or if one of the parties breaches their duties that were promised in a contract. California has its own set of breach of contract laws that state residents have to follow if a contract is violated. How Can a Contract Be Breached? A business contract creates certain duties that need to be fulfilled by all parties that enter into the agreement. If one party fails to fulfill its contractual obligations, they have breached the contract. This could happen if the party failed to perform their duty on time, did not perform their duty in accordance with the specific terms of the contract, or just didn’t perform their obligation at all. In California court,…
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