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Am I Being Misclassified by My Employer?

As an employee in California, there are many ways that your employer could take advantage of you. Physical discrimination and harassment happen often, and they may be easier to spot and take action on. However, there are other forms of discrimination that are easier for employers to get away with. Wage theft is a common crime that California employers commit, and one of the most frequent examples of this is employee misclassification. What is Employee Misclassification? Employers can try to misclassify or miscategorize an employee in order to gain some kinds of illegal employer benefits. Once an employee is misclassified, they are usually denied access to important benefits and legal protections that they are entitled to under employment law. These lost benefits could include: Minimum wage Overtime payments Family and medical leave Unemployment insurance Safe work environments What Are the Main Types of Employee Misclassification? As a worker, you could…
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