25-Year UPS Employee Claims Sex, Age Discrimination Caused Termination

A woman who has worked for UPS for 25 years has filed a lawsuit claiming she was forced to leave her job in December based upon her sex and age. The plaintiff was told in October than her position was being cut and that a part-time employee would replace her. The plaintiff then claims UPS told her the only way to keep her job would be to accept a part-time position outside her department that required heavy physical labor she was unable to perform due to her size, condition and age.

Of the three employees in her department, the plaintiff was the oldest and only female. The other two employees were at least five years younger and one had three more months’ seniority, while the other had 11 years less seniority.

The plaintiff requested for UPS to allow her to work other shifts that didn’t require heavy labor and for an explanation as to why her position was being cut instead of a less senior employee’s, but UPS denied her any information.

The plaintiff was forced to end her employment with UPS just months before she would have received her full pension. The plaintiff also learned that her salary had been 20-25 percent less than that of her male co-worker with only months more seniority and she earned about the same amount as her male coworker with 11 years less experience.

Discrimination based on gender or age discrimination in the workplace is illegal and can cause loss of significant wages to those terminated because of workplace discrimination. If you have been discriminated against on the job due to your age or gender, contact our Los Angeles discrimination attorneys today for a free consultation.

 Tip of the week: Keep all documents you were given before leaving your position if you experienced age discrimination- these may help incriminate your employer.

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