LAPD Settles Traffic Ticket Quota Suit for $5.9 Million

The Los Angeles Police Department has reached a $5.9 million settlement in two lawsuits filed by 11 LAPD officers who claimed they were required to meet a traffic ticket quota, which is against state law. According to the Los Angeles Times, the lawsuits were filed in 2010 and involved officers assigned to a motorcycle unit. In the suits, the officers claimed that they were required to write at least 18 traffic tickets each shift and that 80 percent of the citations had to be for major violations.

“Officers who failed to meet the minimums or raised concerns about them were reprimanded, denied overtime assignments, given undesirable work schedules and subjected to other forms of harassment,” the lawsuits alleged.

The officers say the alleged demands were put on them by Captain Nancy Lauer, who ran the division starting in 2006, and has since been promoted.

“These guys had targets put on their backs and nothing happens to this captain,” one of the officers’ attorneys said. “In fact, she’s since been promoted. The message that sends from the department is, ‘We do what we want, how we want.’”

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