Why Disability Discrimination Could be a Major Cause of Unemployment

Discrimination hurts employeesResearchers at Rutgers and Syracuse universities have published a new study suggesting disability discrimination in the U.S. continues to affect millions of workers. The study involved sending out thousands of resumes to potential employers and disclosing disabilities such as a spinal cord injury or Asperger’s syndrome. Spinal cord injuries often cause paralysis, and Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder, can cause difficulty in social interactions.

Resumes were doctored to create the illusion of extremely qualified candidates. This allowed researchers to prove disabilities were the reason for not receiving callbacks. It is widely known disability discrimination occurs in the workplace, but researchers were surprised by the severity of the problem.

According to data collected for the study, disabled job seekers were 26 percent less likely to be called back by potential employers. Qualified, experienced and disabled job seekers were 34 percent less likely to be called back.

Even though these fake resumes showed each job seeker had experience and skill, employers were not willing to give them a chance. This sad state of affairs likely affects millions of workers across the country.

Why Disability Discrimination Must Be Stopped

The study mentions several reasons why experienced and qualified job seekers with disabilities were less likely to be called back by employers. However, whatever reasons companies may have are irrelevant. Disabled people have every right to seek and secure employment, considering they are able to perform the duties required by the positions.

It is extremely unethical and often illegal to deny groups of people the ability to secure a living based on situations beyond their control.