Age Discrimination and the Job Market: What You Need to Know

Fight against discriminationIt is common to think of discrimination in terms of race, gender or disability. However, many employers are also discriminating based on age, denying certain demographics a chance to earn a living. Age discrimination leaves many people without the means to make a living or save for retirement.

According to a recent blog published in the Washington Post, certain careers are less likely to hire older workers. The blog cites a UC Irvine study that sent out 40,000 fictional resumes to test how age discrimination affects job applicants.

Data from the UC Irvine study shows job applicants age 49 to 51 receive 18 percent fewer callbacks than workers age 29 to 31. As the applicants got older, the age discrimination became more acute. The study claimed workers age 64 to 66 received 35 percent fewer callbacks than the 29 to 31 year olds. Keep in mind, this study used an enormous sample of 40,000 fictional resumes, enough to gauge an accurate representation of the job market.

Jobs used in the study included administrative, janitorial, security guard and sales positions. What makes this selection of jobs unique is that almost any age group can perform the duties required by these positions. Some of the jobs had higher levels of discrimination. For sales positions, the researchers concluded age discrimination was the most acute. Researchers speculate physical appearance is more important to sales jobs.

Age Discrimination Is a Threat to Retirement Savings

As Americans live longer, the retirement age is likely to continue increasing. Age discrimination presents a clear threat to the well-being of older workers who need to continue making income and saving for retirement. It is inexcusable to expect older workers to live off Social Security payments alone.

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