What is Age Discrimination? How Do I File a Lawsuit?

Have you ever felt like you were passed over for promotions or raises because of your age? Have you received unfavorable employee reviews or been asked to do specific tasks simply because of how old you are? Photo of fired worker

Remember, age discrimination occurs when an employee is demoted, wrongfully terminated or not promoted to a position due to his or her age. This can occur because you are both an older or younger employee—there are no boundaries.

Additionally, this form of discrimination can occur when an employee is not hired for a position despite having ample qualifications. If you have experienced these issues, you should speak to a labor lawyer, as you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

San Francisco 49ers Accused of Age Discrimination

According to the Contra Costa Times, two San Francisco 49ers employees have accused the team of purposely firing older workers and replacing them with younger, tech-savvy hires.

A former facilities manager and the team’s former head of video operations filed the age discrimination lawsuit in a San Francisco federal court. The lawsuit claims the duo was fired due to “a campaign to oust older employees.” Both plaintiffs are in their 50s. The lawsuit alleges that team CEO Jed York, 34, and other team executives, began to shift to hiring tech workers in Silicon Valley.

The lawsuit alleges that York said he hired the workers because: “[T]hey made a lot of money, they did a lot of cool things before they turned 40 years old, and they don’t want to play golf six days a week.”

It claims the team violated state and federal laws against age discrimination.

Speaking to an Attorney about Age Discrimination

Before filing a lawsuit in California over age discrimination, you should file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Additionally, you should contact our lawyers, so that we can review your case.

Share your employment discrimination story with our attorneys in the comment section below. We respond to these items.

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Did You Know? Last year, a Twitter employee filed a lawsuit over age discrimination, saying a company supervisor made critical remarks about his age.

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