Am I Entitled to Payments for Employee Security Screenings?

Does your employer require you to go through security checks before entering work or on your way out? Are you paid for the time that it takes to perform these checks? daily time record

According to CBS News, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case of a few temporary warehouse workers for Amazon who have filed a lawsuit demanding back pay for the time they spent after their shifts waiting to undergo mandatory security checks the company conducts to cut down on employee theft.

The news outlet reported that the workers, who were employed by Integrity Staffing Solutions, a contractor for Amazon, claim that they should be paid for having to wait through the checks. Companies like CVS and Apple, who have also been sued over similar claims, are allegedly following the case closely. Those lawsuits are reportedly on hold, while the Supreme Court takes up the Amazon case.

The plaintiffs’ claim in their lawsuit that they waited in lines for as long as 25 minutes without payment, while working at the warehouse. A federal district court has already ruled that the wait was not a part of their duties, so they should not be paid; however, an appeals court overruled the district court, leading to the Supreme Court appeal.

Integrity Solutions has argued that federal laws state that employees only have to be compensated for activities that directly benefit the employer.

How Do I File a Wage Lawsuit?

If you believe that your employer owes you back pay over similar issues, you should contact our labor attorneys. We can determine if you may have a case.

Remember, you should not perform tasks for an employer without being paid. In instances like this, a determination has to be made about whether or not tasks like security checks are an essential job function.

If you have experienced issues with wages at work, call us to discuss your options. Wage and overtime claims can be incredibly complex—it is important that you have an employment law expert working on your behalf.

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