Amazon Prime Workers Seeking Lost Wages in Theft Lawsuit

Fight back against wage theftA class action lawsuit has been filed against Amazon Prime over allegations of wage theft. Amazon Prime, an instant delivery service that employs thousands of drivers nationwide, is a “sharing economy” company. Sharing economy companies may give workers more autonomy than other businesses, but there are also several disadvantages when it comes to wages.

One disadvantage is that many expenses normally covered by employers are passed onto workers. In the case of Amazon Prime, workers must pay out of pocket to cover gas money in between deliveries. This can result in enormous costs to workers, sinking their income below minimum wage. Amazon Prime workers are now demanding compensation for these out-of-pocket expenses.

Similar lawsuits against sharing economy companies have been successful. FedEx was recently the target of a very similar wage theft lawsuit, and was ordered by a court to pay out $228 million to 2,300 California delivery drivers. Other lawsuits have been filed against Uber, Lyft and Caviar, which are also economy sharing companies.

How California Workers Can Fight Back Against Wage Theft

Wage theft robs workers of their ability to provide a living for themselves and their families. Fortunately, selfish companies who would seek to rob workers of their wages can be held accountable.

Workers can document evidence of wage theft and out-of-pocket expenses that should be covered by their employers. Employees should not be forced to cover expenses that are essential to work duties, such as gas. Class action lawsuits targeting sharing economy companies are likely to continue rolling in as workers fight back against wage theft in greater numbers.