American Cancer Society Facility Former Housekeeper Files Sexual Harassment Suit

Natasha Dockery, a former housekeeper for an American Cancer Society facility in Pennsylvania, has filed a sexual harassment suit against the manager of the facility, Byron Barksdale. The suit claims that Dockery was fired five months after being hired for voicing complaints about Barksdale’s sexual harassment.

The lawsuit claims Barksdale had sexually explicit conversations with Dockery and gave explicit details about his personal life, along with showing Dockery sexual photos of his ex-girlfriend in provocative clothing. Dockery also alleges that Barksdale called her after hours to discuss sexual content.

The complaint alleges that Dockery first complained about the treatment in July 2011, she was fired shortly afterwards in August 2011. The suit alleges that the facility never investigated Dockery’s complaint and she was still required to report directly to Barksdale for work assignments. Dockery claims that shortly after this, Barksdale’s attitude towards her became hostile and she became fearful of her work environment.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a form of sexual discrimination and is illegal when it can be proven. Those who are victims of sexual harassment on the job may be eligible for damages from their employer.

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