American Legion Settles Wrongful Termination Suit With Former Manager

According to the Sea Coast Online, American Legion Ramsdell Rogers Post No. 56 has settled a wrongful termination lawsuit brought on by former facility manager Stephen LaPointe. LaPointe sued the American Legion Post in January 2011, after he was termination from his employment as Facility Manager. The Legion’s executive committee complained that LaPointe managed illegal affairs and had questions about LaPointe’s financial decisions.

Members of the Legion’s committee have filed a letter of retraction regarding the termination of LaPointe saying that it has retracted its statement that Mr. LaPointe managed illegal affairs and does not claim that he engaged in illegal conduct in connection with his employment as Facility Manager.

The Legion said that both parties came to a mutual agreement and that terms of the settlement are confidential. LaPointe originally claimed that he had done nothing wrong and believed his termination was in retaliation to a problem he raised with items being placed in the wrong accounts in the Legion’s computerized bookkeeping system. LaPointe’s complained asked for two years of salary and vacation time, and monetary damages. Employment attorney for the plaintiff issued a statement saying both parties are satisfied with the decision to settle and that the Legion looks forward to moving on with its annual events.