Appeals Court Resurrects Security Guard Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

According to, the First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco has taken up a Benicia woman’s sexual harassment lawsuit against the company where she worked as a security guard.

The website reported that the court rejected an employment contract restriction that required lawsuits to be filed six months from the date of alleged harassment by the employer. The company, U.S. Security Associates, required all prospective employees to sign the sixth-month agreement. However, the court found that it is “unreasonable and against public policy.”

The court noted that California law requires an employee claiming harassment or discrimination to file a complaint with the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing, and gives the employee a year to sue after the department completes its investigation, according to

The plaintiff in the lawsuit claimed that her supervisor started harassing her in August 2010, inviting her to sexual activities with him and his wife, and tormenting her with comments and gestures at work. She, and other alleged victims, reportedly complained to management and were transferred to worse job locations until the supervisor was fired.

However, shortly after the supervisor was fired, the alleged victim claimed that her pay was reduced before she eventually quit. The plaintiff’s lawsuit claimed sexual harassment and accused the company of failing to protect her and of retaliating against her.

Sexually Harassed at Work?

Sexual harassment is considered a form of discrimination by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and is illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

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