Apple Fights Wages Lawsuit Against Previous Employees

Two former employees filed a lawsuit against Apple this summer, claiming unpaid wages for standing in line every shift to have their bags searched. The former employees, Amanda Frlekin who worked at a Los Angeles store and Dean Pelle who worked for Apple in New York, are claiming they were deprived about $1500 a year in unpaid wages.

Both plaintiffs are attempting to sue on behalf of thousands of employees in the nation, claiming Apple forces its employees to wait in line and be searched for merchandise before leaving the store, causing lengthy lines when leaving for lunch or at the end of shifts.

The lawsuit claims that Apple’s bag search policy caused a five to 15 minute wait every time employees clocked out and left the store. The lawsuit claims Apple violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Apple responded to the lawsuit in August after seven additional people had joined the original lawsuit. The company is denying all claims, stating that while they do have a bag search protocol, no long lines are ever created and that they did not “willfully fail to pay any wages,” according to Forbes. Apple also defended against the plaintiff’s attempt to sue on behalf of all Apple employees.

If you have worked more than 40 hours in a workweek and were not paid overtime wages, your employer may be violating California labor laws. Employers that fail to pay these overtime wages are liable for all unpaid overtime, plus an equal amount of damages and attorney fees and costs.

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