Archie Comics Sues CEO For Sexual Harassment

According to the Business Insider, Archie Comics Publications has filed a lawsuit against one of its CEOs for what appears to be a history of bullying and sexual harassment. The lawsuit was filed last Thursday and alleges that Nancy Silberkleit barged into a 2009 meeting and pointed to each attendant saying “Penis! Penis! Penis! Penis!” and then walked out.

Silberkleit was named co-CEO after her husband, heir of Archie Comic’s founder, died in 2008. At the time of her succession, she had no business experience and said in an interview that she was coming into a very male-oriented business. The company hopes the lawsuit stops her from attending Comic-Con later this month in San Diego and that she will be banned from the company’s Westchester headquarters. While Silberkleit’s alleged act of storming into an office meeting and making sexual remarks may sound funny, it may also fit into different types of sexual harassment.

The company’s private investigation report also added that several employees complained of Nancy’s vile office outbursts, vile frolics where she asked people if sex toys were stored in an office sage, and remarks such as “she needs to adjust her balls”. The report also found that employees found her behavior inappropriate but were afraid of her erratic behavior and bullying.

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