Are You a Former Southwest Airlines Employee? Wage Class Action Lawsuit Settled

Does your employer provide you with accurate wage statements? If you were terminated, did it pay you the back wages you were owed?

If you receive a paycheck in California, you should receive an accurate statement showing the hours you have worked, along with other benefits provided. Wage statements should include information about pay periods and itemized hourly records. If your employer is not providing you with this information, it may be violating labor laws.

Additionally, if you are ever terminated from a position, you are required to be paid within 72 hours in California.

A class action lawsuit recently settled by Southwest Airlines hit on all these topics. According to, the airline has agreed to pay $1 million to settle a lawsuit brought on by employees who claimed that the company failed to provide accurate statements or pay terminated employees in a legally required amount of time.

The airline has said that it will set aside funds to settle the claims of more than 5,000 people involved in the case. Additionally, the original plaintiff in the lawsuit, Timothy Mansfield, is scheduled to receive a $5,000 bonus.

Mansfield filed his lawsuit in August 2013, saying that he was not paid all his wages owed when he was terminated by the airline. Instead, Mansfield claimed the airline waited four days to pay him, according to the lawsuit.

Additionally, Mansfield claimed that Southwest did not provide its employees wage statements that included dates of pay periods and itemized accounts of hourly rates and hours worked, according to

My Employer Has Not Paid Me. Can I Sue?

If you are owed back pay, you should contact our labor employment attorneys immediately. California laws stipulate that employees are to be paid for all of the work they perform, even if they are terminated. This means your employer is required to pay you within 72 hours of termination.

If you believe that your former employer is not paying you the wages you are entitled to, contact our Los Angeles employment lawyers. Call us today to discuss your options.

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