Bay Area Construction Company Settles Wage Lawsuit

According to the San Jose Mercury News¸ a regional construction company based in San Rafael has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit by employees who claim that it illegally withheld wages.

The news service reported that Ghilotti Bros. Inc. has agreed to pay $950,000 to settle the lawsuit. The plaintiffs said that in 2012, the company failed to pay employees for all the hours they worked and discouraged meal breaks.

They also claimed that they were not credited for time loading and unloading trucks before arriving at work sites and after leaving them.

The News reported that many of the workers are Spanish speakers, with the lawsuit alleging that the company gave them English-language forms to sign on payday that said the company gave them all appropriate compensation. Although only three plaintiffs were named in the lawsuit, it represented 245 employees.

The lawsuit was originally filed in Alameda County Superior Court, and was transferred to a federal court in San Francisco.

My Employer Owes Me Back Wages. Can I Sue?

Wage and overtime claims are often resolved through the court system. Employers simply cannot avoid paying you for work that you performed. Our state has laws that exist to ensure that employees are given fair and just compensation for the work they completed.

Do not perform work off the clock. Do not get bullied into doing labor that you are not going to be paid for. If your employer expects you to perform duties without pay, seek representation immediately.

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