Bayonne Parking Authority to Settle Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

According to the New Jersey Journal, the Bayonne Parking Authority is set to settle a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Peter Hilburn and Felicia Ryan. Both plaintiffs alleged their firings came in 2007 for reporting a ticket fixing scandal at the agency. Both reported ticketing issues to the state attorney general and then aided in the investigation of this matter.

Officials said they agreed to settle the lawsuit for $235,000. The Bayonne Parking Authority insurance carrier, Allied World Insurance, agreed to pay the amount. In order for the settlement to fully finalize, all parties involved must sign the agreement. Former mayor Joseph Doria and the City of Bayonne are refusing to sign the agreement and are asking the court to dismiss the case.

The settlement plans to dismiss the case without admission of liability or wrongdoing against the BPA’s former corporation counsel and current acting director, as well as others named in the suit. The plaintiffs’ attorney said the current administration is a continuation of the former administration, and that the former mayor Joseph Doria had a direct hand in hiring and firing decisions.

Hilburn and Ryan claimed Doria directed their firing after he learned they were cooperating with the investigation.

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