Beverly Hills High School Principal Settles Discrimination Lawsuit

Beverly Hills Patch reported that a former Beverly Hills High School principal has agreed to settle a federal racial discrimination lawsuit against the school district for $685,000. Photo of discrimination definition

According to the news outlet, retiring principal Carter Paysinger filed the federal civil rights lawsuit against the Beverly Hills Unified School District in July 2014. In the lawsuit, he alleges that he was targeted through a “malicious” campaign of discrimination and retaliation because he is black. Paysinger was the first black principal in the history of the school, which dates back to the 1920s.

In the lawsuit, Paysinger said that he submitted four complaints of racial discrimination to the school, which he claims were responded to with “hostility, anger, and more abusive discrimination and retaliation.”

The district allegedly began investigating Paysinger after he and two other employees operated the Beverly Hills Sports Academy, a for-profit camp, on the high school campus. A report about the investigation was allegedly leaked to the media, along with several internal complaints that Paysinger submitted to school board members about treatment.

Paysinger’s lawsuit indicated that school board members were responsible for media leaks, as they were trying to push him out. Paysinger claimed that the school district filed a complaint with the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office to investigate the camp, with the agency finding no wrongdoing.

He claims that one board member once told him that he does “not look like what a principal of Beverly Hills High School should look like,” and that he faced constant scrutiny at the district by board members as a result of his race and ties to the camp.

My Employer Subjected Me to Racial Discrimination. How Can an Attorney Help Me?

Racial discrimination is illegal based on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Instances of discrimination can include harassment, intimidation, offensive jokes and insults. If you experience these issues or you believe that your employer has passed you over for promotions based on your race, speak to our Los Angeles discrimination lawyers.

You may be able to hold your employer liable and seek damages. Keep following our blog for more information about California labor discrimination law.

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