Blue Angels Commander Reassigned Amid Sexual Harassment Investigation

According to CNN, the Navy is investigating a commander of the elite Blue Angels over allegations that he allowed sexual harassment to be prevalent under his watch.

The news outlet reports that Capt. Gregory McWherter has been accused of tolerating a work environment that violated military policies against sexual harassment.

McWherter was recently relieved of his duties as second-in-command at a California naval base and reassigned to other duties as the Navy looks into the allegations, which reportedly occurred more than two years ago.

The allegations occurred when he was with the Navy’s flight demonstration squad in Pensacola, Florida in 2012. According to CNN, he is being investigated for allegedly allowing “lewd speech, inappropriate comments and sexually explicit humor” at work. There are also allegations that pornographic pictures were shared at offices in electronic correspondences.

The Navy said in a statement that someone filed a complaint with its inspector general, but did not specify when. According to a recent Pentagon report on military sexual assaults, there were estimated to be 26,000 incidents of assault and unwanted sexual contact in 2012, and just over 10 percent of those were reported.

Is There Anything I Can Do If I Am Being Sexually Harassed At Work?

This case is representative of a “hostile working” environment when it comes to sexual harassment. This type of sexual harassment can include being exposed to unwanted sexual advances, physical contact, sexual remarks, sexual photographs or other types of intimidating, hostile or offensive work environments.

Sexual harassment is illegal, and the laws apply whether the person being harassed is a man or a woman or even if both the harasser and victim are of the same sex. If you are being sexually harassed at work, do not continue to be victimized. Call our office today to schedule a consultation at (310) 273-3180.

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