Boathouse Restaurant Rife With Sexual Harassment, Say Complaints

According to The New York Daily News, Central Park’s Boathouse Restaurant is a hotbed of sexual harassment and discrimination. Six current and former employees have complained of quid pro quo sexual harassment at the restaurant where supervisors routinely pressure female employees for sex.

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received complaints claiming female workers were made to view naked cell phone photos of women a manager claimed to have bedded, and that the same manager even fondled the breasts of a startled female employee. The incident was witnessed by a male worker. There are many types of harassment at work, that may not involve physical touching.

A former banquet waitress, Alejandra Betancur, said that the same manager would call her after work and insist that she go out with him, despite her constant refusal. The manager became angry when the married banquet waitress informed him she was pregnant, at which time he assigned her to the most strenuous jobs in an effort to get her to quit.

The former employees even claimed a supervisor talked openly about which waitress he wanted to bed, while another supervisor urged a female employee to hug him so that he could feel her breasts.

The workers said they complained about the quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile conditions to the restaurant manager and to owner Dean Poll, but no action was taken against management harassing female employees.

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