Britney Spears’ Former Employee Sues For Sexual Harassment

According to iVillage, Britney Spears has been sued by a former bodyguard for sexual harassment. Fernando Flores, who worked for Spears last year, says he is suing the singer for a whopping $10 million for what he calls repeated and unwanted sexual advances and types of sexual harassment. Flores’ employment with the “You Drive Me Crazy” singer lasted six months.

Flores, a 29-year-old former cop, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit alleging that Spears paraded naked in front of him and often summoned him to her bedroom for no other purpose but to expose her naked or near naked body to him. Flores also alleged that the singer was frequently under the influence of drugs in his presence. In the court documents, the bodyguard alleges that Spears was often under the influence of prescription and non-prescription drugs such as Ritalin and methamphetamines.

The bodyguard continued to say that Spears’ lack of personal hygiene was one of the main reasons her alleged sexual advances were unwanted. Spears had a chain-smoking habit, which made her smell of stale tobacco, she broke wind and picked her nose, charges Flores. Among her obnoxious personal behavior was that she was constantly and gratuitously loud and profane in her speech. Flores claims that he quit after six months of employment, storming out of Britney’s mansion after she allegedly leaned over in a nightgown and exposed herself to him.

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