Bus Driver Claims Coworker Committed Sexual Harassment

According to the Madison St. Clair Record, a bus driver is claiming sexual harassment against First Student company and a male coworker. Kristie Monigan says in her complaint that she was terrorized at her work after a male coworker sexually harassed her. In the complaint, Monigan, a school bus driver, claims William Tarrant began sexually harassing her in 2010 when he told her she would look good naked wearing only four-inch heels.

Monigan complained to her supervisors but saw no disciplinary action being taken against Tarrant. She again approached First Student supervisors saying the company had a zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy but nothing had been done to punish Tarrant.

After complaining, Monigan said she started noticing Tarrant glaring at her and the situation escalated. On March 25, 2010, Monigan was on her school bus in the parking lot when William Tarrant approached the bus, stepped in and trapped the plaintiff by not allowing her to exit the bus. Tarrant then forcibly hrabbed the plaintiff, causing her to struggle and yell at him to let her go. Monigan reported the incident to her supervisors and to local police, but the co-worker remained employed. Monigan claims she suffered great emotional upset and distress over these types of sexual harassment. The plaintiff is suing for sexual harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery and negligent retention against the defendants.

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