California City Mayor Up Against Sexual Harassment Suit

A California City Water Department employee has filed a sexual harassment suit against Mayor Patrick Bohannon, accusing him of harassment, gender discrimination and creating a hostile work environment. The suit was filed in March and was back in court November 18 for a case management conference.

The lawsuit claims that the water department employee was continuously stalked and harassed by Bohannon due to the fact that she is a woman and that he made inappropriate remarks to her on multiple occasions. The plaintiff is also claiming that when she complained of Bohannon’s behavior, the city manager merely told her that “nothing could be done.” The city manager and the city’s attorney deny the claims made against Bohannon.

This case comes about when San Diego Mayor Bob Filner resigned in August after allegations of sexual harassment plagued his career. Filner pled guilty to three criminal counts related to the allegations on October 15.

Sexual harassment is considered unlawful discrimination based on one’s sex and is illegal in California. However, sexual harassment is one of the hardest problems to prove and an exceedingly problematic issue in the workplace. Sexual harassment comes in two forms: quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile working environment harassment. The first is when an employer uses unwelcomed sexual advances, favors or other physical and verbal conduct to promote or condition its workers on the job. The second is based on unwanted exposure to sexual advances, contact, remarks and other types of offensive work environments. Both must be proven and to establish sexual harassment in a hostile working environment, a pattern of harassment must be shown. A single incident will usually not do, unless it is very severe.

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