California Warehouse Employees File Wage Theft Claim Against Walmart

Employees at a warehouse in Southern California, which was contacted out through Walmart, claim that their wages were effectively stolen. Everardo Carrillo told his story to reporters from AlterNet, claiming that he and other employees worked in the sweltering heat from 12 to 16 hours each day—often with no lunch break.

Carrillo claims that one day management announced to the warehouse workers that instead of being paid their normally hourly wage, the crew would be compensated based upon the number of boxes it loaded or unloaded that day. Management led the workers to believe this would lead to an increase in pay. When the employees received their next paycheck, however, they learned this was not the case—in fact, the new pay structure lead to wages that were less than minimum wage.

Carrillo and other workers in the warehoused filed a class action lawsuit again Schneider Logistics, the warehouse owner, as well as Walmart.

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Tip of the week: According to the National Employment Law Project (NELP), 26 percent of low-wage workers are paid less than minimum wage.

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