Can an Employer Fire Me Because of My Age?

It is illegal for an individual to be treated unfavorably at work because of his or her age. Age discrimination can occur when an employee is demoted, wrongfully terminated or not promoted to an open position due to his or her age. Wrongful termination

Additionally, it can occur when an employee is not hired for an open position despite having adequate qualifications.

Recently, Variety reported that an appellate court ruled that KTLA and parent company Tribune Media cannot force technology journalist Kurt Knutsson, known as “CyberGuy,” into private arbitration over his claims of age discrimination.

The news source reported that a three-judge panel concluded that KTLA and Tribune had “forfeited” their right to compel Knutsson into a grievance process that may have led to private arbitration—meaning he can take his case to an open court.

Knutsson filed a lawsuit claiming age discrimination, misappropriation of name and likeness, breach of contract and unfair business practices/unfair competition. He claims that he signed a five-year agreement with the station in 2008, and that in 2010, he was informed that it wanted to terminate the contract the following year.

However, prior to the tentative deadline for him to leave the station, Knutsson claimed that he was told he was being removed from the air. He said the next day, a younger reporter, Rich DeMuro, was doing reports on consumer technology in the same studio and format, and KTLA and other stations continued to feature his logo on their websites.

Knutsson claims that even though he was never given a negative performance review, DeMuro, “a significantly younger person who was less experienced and less qualified”, replaced him.

Who Should I Talk to About Age Discrimination?

If you experience age discrimination at work, you must file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

If you have been unjustly terminated from a position due to your age, schedule a consultation with our Los Angeles discrimination attorneys. Call us today to discuss your options.

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