Can Unhappy Customers File a Class Action Suit?

California Attorneys Explain Class Action Law

In October of this year, KnCMiner, a bitcoin mining firm, found itself facing a potential class action lawsuit. Growing dissatisfaction is leading to an investigation into the company’s actions to see if a breach of contract or any sort of misrepresentation may exist. If so, the million-dollar company could end up in court. Common complaints have included late shipments and defective products.

Similarly, the Federal Trade Commission, with the help of about 300 customer complaints, shut down the bitcoin company Butterfly Labs. The criticisms against this bitcoin company are roughly the same as the complaints against KnCMiner.

This begs this question: Is dissatisfaction enough reason for a class action lawsuit? KnCMiner believes there is no legal ground. Yet, many unsatisfied customers claim they received hardware that does not work properly and that they did not get their refunds back when they demanded a refund.

Clearly, dissatisfaction helped in the case with Butterfly Labs; therefore, it has a chance to work again with KnCMiner. The key is proving legal violations and finding enough unsatisfied customers to prove that a company is misrepresenting itself and routinely failing to follow through on its own standards and policies.

When Can I File a Class Action Lawsuit Against a Company?

For the most part it is, unless your situation is extraordinary, then you may have grounds for an individual lawsuit, depending on what occurred between you and the company. Keep in mind that one complaint about defective hardware may not make for a successful court case. However, if you find others with the same complaint, and together you discover more people with the same complaint, then you have a much stronger claim through strength in numbers. You all are living proof of an identical grievance. The case becomes stronger and more efficient as affected individuals file their claims at the same time. This includes employees of the same company facing similar forms of discrimination or harassment.

An attorney can build a case that a company was making millions of dollars off customers. Meanwhile, the negligent company was not fulfilling its end of the agreement by offering an unworkable product and not issuing a guaranteed refund, if a refund was guaranteed.

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