Can My Employer Fire Me for a Crime Report?

If you are ever fired because you report a crime within your work environment, you should immediately contact our labor attorneys. Wrongful termination

Remember, there are laws that exist to protect workers against wrongful termination and workplace retaliation. In our state, the California Whistleblower Act affords workplace rights, preventing employers from retaliating against employees who disclose illegal activities or who cooperate with investigating authorities.

Recently, three dancers filed a lawsuit against musical icon and actress Cher, who they claim covered up the alleged sexual assault of a woman by a dancer with her touring company.

According to CNN, the lawsuit alleges that a sexual assault happened on the singer’s tour in St. Louis in June. The dancers, who were fired from the tour, allege that a newly hired dancer invited a fan to his hotel room and pressured her to have sex with him. The fan reportedly refused, and the dancer allegedly became upset.

The fan later told other dancers about the incident, who “made numerous and repeated complaints” to Cher and tour managers “regarding the sexual assault of a female fan by an employee,” CNN reported.

According to the lawsuit, the dancers were told not to talk about the situation and were informed that the tour managers would take care of the issue. The three dancers who complained about the incident were later fired, while the dancer who allegedly committed the assault remained employed. They said they were told they were fired over “budget cuts.”

Cher’s representatives denied the allegations. “These accusations are ridiculous and could not be further from the truth,” publicist Liz Rosenberg said, according to CNN.

Who Should I Talk to If I Have Been Wrongfully Terminated?

If you have been terminated from your job because you reported a crime to your supervisors, you should contact our attorneys. In addition, if you have been demoted or suspended from a position for the same issue, you should reach out to us.

If your case proves to be accurate, you could be entitled to compensation. If you have not been terminated yet, but are experiencing stress because there are illegal activities taking place at your work, you should contact us before blowing the whistle to avoid potential consequences.

We can explain your rights—having excellent counsel will help you obtain damages and may prevent workplace retaliation from occurring to begin with. Call us today to discuss your options.

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