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Information about labor and employment law in Los Angeles and in California.

Are Companies Discriminating Against Veterans?

Thousands of veterans have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq only to be shunned when attempting to join the workforce. Some of these veterans may be discriminated against for reasons beyond their control. Veterans often have disabilities resulting from injuries sustained while in service. In 2012, the Labor Department and Office of Special Counsel received 1,430 … Continue reading

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What Two California Unemployment Claims Could Mean for Uber Drivers

Uber drivers have been locked in a brutal fight to win their employment rights. However, Uber claims its drivers are independent contractors and not employees. By being labeled independent contractors, Uber drivers are unable to receive benefits like overtime pay or reimbursement for job-related expenses. Recent California unemployment claims have resulted in victories for Uber … Continue reading

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Why You Should Be Excited About New Military Maternity Leave Policies

The United States Department of Defense is rolling out new paid maternity leave policies for active duty members of the Air Force (USAF), Army and Navy (including the Marines). Why is this important news for everyone else? New paid maternity leave policies enacted by federal organizations (in this case, the Department of Defense) could have … Continue reading

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Can Workplace Bullying Halt Your Career Growth?

Has someone at work made you the target of cruel jokes, name calling or harassment? You might be experiencing workplace bullying, and it could have consequences for your future career growth. Workplace bullying can lead to poorer job performance, which might in turn limit future career options. Bullied workers can be verbally harassed, excluded from … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Municipal Workers Might Receive Paid Parental Leave

California’s tech industry has received the media’s attention for instituting the most generous paid parental leave policies in the country. Business leaders like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook have taken paid parental leave and set industry standards in the process. What about state and municipal workers? Presently, California workers only receive 55 percent of their pay … Continue reading

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