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California Bans State Employees from Traveling to 4 States Who Limited LGBT Rights

The California State Attorney General has recently barred employees from state-funded travel to the four states in the US who have passed recent legislation that limits rights to LGBT members. Texas, Alabama, and South Dakota all allow adoption agencies to refuse service to LGBT families. Kentucky is the other state included in the ban, because they are allowing student organizations in schools to block LGBT people from membership. State-funded travel is already not allowed to Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee. These laws can be hurtful to the LGBT community, and are viewed as a step backwards in human rights by many. Keep reading to learn about some illegal discrimination practices. Examples of LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace Hiring discrimination: Many gay and transgender people experience discrimination in the hiring process. This is illegal, but can be difficult to prove in court. A Los Angeles discrimination attorney can help strengthen…
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Congratulations to Los Angeles Employment Attorney Michael Jacob

Our Business Litigation Lawyer Wins High Profile Bench Trial Case for Contract Breach Congratulations to our associate breach of contract attorney Michael Jacob, who just won a 5-day bench trial in front of Judge Kronstadt in Santa Monica. Michael handled the case from start to finish and much of his pre-trial work contributed to the trial win. Our client is a 79-year-old actress on a popular daytime television soap opera. She has received a lifetime achievement award, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and she recently won her first Emmy. She was sued by an unscrupulous former business partner for breach of contract. Facts Predating the Successful Business Litigation Case At issue in the lawsuit was Defendant’s alleged breach of contract relating to providing approval for the use of her name and likeness and voiceovers in connection with a product. Defendant raised concerns regarding the quality of the…
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Susceptible Startups by Richard S. Rosenberg and Douglas N. Silverstein

Los Angeles Employment Law Attorney Explains How Dot.Com Companies Demonstrate Vulnerability to Labor Issues From the Los Angeles Daily Journal For most of the past decade, startup and emerging growth companies rode an unprecedented wave of expansion. Amidst almost daily reports of newly minted “” millionaires, traditional brick and mortar enterprises watched helplessly as thousands of their employees traded in career paths and business suits for khakis and a bucket full of stock options. Enthused by the prospect of overnight riches and a casual work environment, a new 24/7 work culture took hold. Not surprisingly, many of these companies didn’t see the need to be concerned with mundane matters like labor law compliance. And, why should they? The thought of becoming the next dot.comer to retire made new economy workers and managers alike giddy with anticipation. Labor woes were the last thing on their minds. Indeed, all was good in…
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