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Is Application Testing Discrimination Illegal?

Many applications for jobs now include some sort of standardized test that uses several questions and parameters to narrow down the pool of job seekers. Certain inflammatory questions found on hiring tests can be starting points for testing discrimination cases. A California food company, Leprino foods Co., was found to have discriminated against 253 Black, Latino, and Asian applicants. The company had to pay $550,000 and hire 13 of the rejected applicants. Test questions that are not relevant to job duties and place groups of people at a disadvantage fall under illegal hiring discrimination. 3 Examples of Discriminatory Hiring Questions How old are you? Age discrimination is protected by law. Asking if an applicant is above the age of 18 is ok, but asking for your age specifics could be discriminatory. Are you religious? Employees that are qualified and have answered this question could make a case against an employer…
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LAFD Hit with Numerous Discrimination and Harassment Lawsuits

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Times had an interesting story about the Los Angeles Fire Department, which has been hit recently with a number of lawsuits over allegations of discrimination and harassment. According to the paper, in 2009, voters approved the use of a watchdog group to review how the LAFD handled employee misconduct cases. This was in response to the growing number of employment lawsuits filed. Between 2005 and 2014, the LAFD spent more than $19 million in payouts stemming from allegations of discrimination, harassment and retaliation. In one case, the City Council agreed to settle a discrimination case for $1.5 million after a black firefighter said his LAFD colleagues deliberately fed him dog food. Remarkably, there have even been alleged complications involving assessor Stephen Miller, the man who was tasked with reviewing misconduct cases, who was accused by three city lawyers of racial and gender discrimination, according…
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Former DA Leader Accused of Sexual Harassment

Earlier this month, NBC News had a shocking story about two deputy attorneys who have accused a supervisor at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office of sexual harassment. According to the news source, two deputy district attorneys have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against a supervising prosecutor at the DA’s office. The lawsuit details offenses that the women claim occurred both in and out of the office. NBC News reported that Beth Silverman and Tannaz Mokayef allege Gary Hearnsberger subjected them to unwanted touching, lewd remarks and sexual behavior when he was the head of the Major Crimes Division. The two allege that Hearnsberger favored female employees who provided him with sexual favors—those who allowed him to touch or grope them received better assignments and opportunities for career advancement, according to the lawsuit. It should be noted that the unit the attorneys belonged to tried famous cases including those…
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