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California employment attorneys discuss several commonly asked questions for harassment at a clients work.

How Do I Report Sexual Harassment at Work?

Cover Photo of LA Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian S. Kesluk

Even one incident involving sexual harassment on the job is one too many. However, in some cases, employees are sexually harassed for months or even years before the truth comes to light. This can happen because people are reluctant or do not know how to report sexual harassment at work. They may be afraid no … Continue reading

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Ex-Professional Baseball Player Lenny Dykstra Guilty of Sexual Harassment?

Cover Photo of Los Angeles Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian S. Kesluk

During the ‘90s, Lenny Dykstra was the leader of a Philadelphia Phillies baseball team that made it to the World Series. Dykstra has since retired from baseball. However, he made headlines earlier this month when Caroline Heldman accused Fox News host Eric Bolling of sexual harassment in a Facebook post. In that same Facebook post, … Continue reading

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What Should I Do If My Co-Worker Sends Me Lewd Texts?

Cover Photo of Los Angeles Employee Rights Attorney Brian Kesluk

Per CNNMoney, Fox News host Eric Bolling has been suspended pending an investigation of allegations that he sent unsolicited lewd texts to co-workers. Bolling’s suspension came following a HuffPost article that claims over a dozen sources have confirmed that the host of the Fox News program “Cashin’ In” had texted an unsolicited picture of his … Continue reading

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Is Sexual Harassment Causing Women to Flee STEM Jobs?

Cover Photo of Sexual Harassment Attorney in Los Angeles Brian Kesluk

A recent article published by The Atlantic suggests many women are pushed out of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) jobs due to sexual harassment. Most of the sexual harassment occurs while women are pursuing graduate and post-doctorate studies. Sexual harassment in academia can have lasting effects on the careers of women. According to the … Continue reading

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