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Our employment attorneys help workers in Los Angeles with wage and overtime claims.

Can These Apps Help California Workers Recover Stolen Wages?

Wage theft costs California workers billions of dollars every year. In Los Angeles County alone, workers lose $26.2 million to wage theft each week! How are businesses stealing from California workers? Employers may neglect to pay workers overtime, misclassify them as independent contractors or pay less than minimum wage. Fortunately, innovative organizations in our state … Continue reading

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Why Is the White House Urging a Ban on Non-Compete Agreements?

The White House is calling on states to ban non-compete agreements under most circumstances. Non-compete agreements are supposed to keep employees from taking trade secrets and joining rival companies. Many employers are requiring them for workers who are not privy to trade secrets. For example, the sandwich chain Jimmy John’s invoked national outrage for requiring … Continue reading

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What Happens When Employers Commit Wage Theft Against Workers?

Employers may take advantage of workers by stealing their wages in a number of different ways. Wage theft can include requiring employees to work through breaks without overtime pay, paying less than minimum wage or requiring the purchase of necessary items for work without the possibility of reimbursement. Employers may also misclassify workers as independent … Continue reading

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