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Information about wage & hour disputes, including overtime claims, in California

Oracle: A Culture of Pay Discrimination?

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A lawsuit has been filed against Oracle, a computer technology corporation, alleging pay discrimination. Three female employees are seeking class-action status to represent all women at Oracle. The lawsuits state that Oracle paid female employees less than male employees for substantially similar work. The named plaintiffs are Rong Jewett, Sophy Wang and Xian Murray. Jewett … Continue reading

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How Do You Know If Your Employer Is Committing Wage Theft?

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A recent report by the Economic Policy Institute estimated that low-wage workers in California lose $2 billion per year due to wage theft. Amidst many allegations against ridesharing giant Uber, they are now repaying drivers for shorting commissions for a number of years. The amount of the lost commissions totals in the tens of millions. … Continue reading

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Are Employers Required to Provide Items Essential for Jobs?

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Disney recently got itself into trouble by refusing to provide Disney World employees with costumes. Employees claimed fees from buying and maintaining the costumes pushed their pay below the federal minimum wage. The Department of Labor investigated and confirmed these allegations. Disney agreed to pay 16,339 workers $3.8 million in back wages. Employers cannot push … Continue reading

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