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Whistleblowing is protected under some circumstances. Employers cannot retaliate against employees reporting illegal activities.

What is the Whistleblower Protection Act?

In 2014, three new laws were enacted and added to the California Whistleblower Protection Act. The act already prevented employers from retaliating against employees that reported violations of state and federal laws to government officials or the police. Here is a look at the three laws that strengthened whistleblower protections in California. The act was expanded to include the reporting of a suspected violation internally or externally to any public body conducting a hearing or investigation. This liability was expanded beyond the employer to include anyone acting on behalf of an employer. The act was expanded to protected workers who reported violations of state and federal law, even if doing so was not part of the employee’s official job duties. If you are retaliated against for whistleblowing and you are eligible for protections under the California Whistleblower Protection Act, you can file a claim for damages sustained due to retaliation….
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Local Employment Law Cases: Local Drug Rehab Hit with Retaliation Claim

A former human resources director at Passages Malibu, a Malibu-based addiction treatment center, has been awarded more than $1.8 million by a jury. The former employee filed a retaliation claim against the luxury treatment center after being fired for whistleblowing. She also claims she faced disability discrimination. The former employee claims to have told supervisors that maintenance, housekeeping, and kitchen workers were not paid overtime or being allowed to take breaks. After bringing these concerns to supervisors, she was ignored. The former employee also alleges she was sidelined by management after the death of one of the treatment center’s residents. She claims the nurse on duty during the incident had not received proper training. Her supervisors allegedly told her to alter the nurse’s employee files. She refused to do so, saying it would be illegal. After the incident, she was terminated from her position. Passages Malibu argued it fired the…
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