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Information about grounds for wrongful termination cases in California.

Did Wells Fargo Managers Retaliate by Firing Whistleblowers?

Last month, news broke that Wells Fargo employees had opened two million accounts for customers without their permission. Details from the scandal suggest employees felt pressured to meet impossible sales quotas, and thus opened the fake accounts to avoid being reprimanded. A few employees discovered what was going on and called Wells Fargo’s private ethics … Continue reading

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How Are Workers Protected from Employer Retaliation?

Employer retaliation can happen for several reasons. Perhaps an employee reported sexual harassment, discrimination or other illegal activities, a term known as whistleblowing. Employers may attempt to fire, demote or harass employees for reporting these activities. Fortunately, employees have federal protections under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Whistleblower … Continue reading

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What Does ‘At-Will Employment’ Mean?

Cover Photo of Prominent Employment Attorney Doug Silverstein

California is one of many states that recognizes at-will employment. This means employers or employees can terminate their relationship ‘at-will’ with or without cause. Under California’s at-will doctrine, an employer can fire an employee under most circumstances. However, an employee can also quit without notice. There are exceptions to the at-will employment rules that govern … Continue reading

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Why Forced Arbitration Contracts Are Terrible for Workers

A former employee of WeWork has filed a lawsuit based on allegations she was wrongfully terminated for alerting coworkers the company might be violating California labor laws. WeWork is a $15 billion San Francisco startup that turns offices into close-knit shared workspaces. The lawsuit also claims she refused to sign an arbitration contract that would … Continue reading

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