Catholic School Pulls Job Offer to LGBT Candidate

When it was announced recently that Tim Nelson would not be selected as the president of Regis Catholic Schools in Wisconsin, Nelson became suspicious that it might be because he is a homosexual. On April 4, Regis announced its plans to name Nelson as president, only to backtrack and revoke his contract three weeks later, according to the Leader Star Telegram in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Nelson, 48, worked as a supervising principal of a group of American Indian schools in New Mexico before accepting the job with Regis.

“The whole is based on assumptions, innuendo and speculation,” Nelson told reporters in a phone interview. Regis has denied pulling the contract based on Nelson’s sexual orientation. Nelson claims that during the interview process, Regis “was concerned about the perceptions that he might be gay.”

Nelson has filed a claim with the Equal Rights Division of the Department of Workforce Development in Eau Claire and is likely to file a discrimination lawsuit.

A dean at the Regis schools found Nelsons’ father’s obituary listing from more than two years ago, with another man’s name listed in parenthesis after Nelson’s—similar to a story we covered about a teacher in Columbus who lost her job several weeks ago.

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