Chef Eric Hara Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit By Former Pastry Chef

According to the New York Eater, chef Eric Hara is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit brought on by a former pastry chef. Melissa Rodriguez filed a $25 million lawsuit against her former boss Eric Hara and the Oak Room restaurant, claiming the boss tossed her in a garbage can and made her work with honey in her hair.

Rodriguez claims that her former boss was a monster. She was hired in June 2010 and claims she was fired recently for complaining about her employer’s behavior. The lawsuit claims that nearly on a daily basis, Eric Hara would threaten Rodriguez and say that she was never allowed to say no to any of his demands. The lawsuit further alleges that Hara referred to the female employee as only a one-night stand material.

Hara, who has moved on to open another eatery 8 in Hell’s Kitchen, denied the allegations. Rodriguez’s lawsuit brings up several allegations that could be seen as types of sexual harassment including:

“At least once a day he “would literally pick me up and throw me in the garbage can — just because he thought it was funny”
“He’d pour food on my hair almost every day — heavy cream, chocolate sauce, honey.”
“He’d make me carry eggs in my shirt, and if I did something he didn’t like, I would have to break them and rub it into my chest.”
According to the lawsuit, “when a male employee boasted of the size of his penis, Hara ordered a female chef to measure him with a ruler for verification.”

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