Chrysler Autoworker Accuses United Auto Workers of Sexual Harassment

According to Detroit News, in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011, a former autoworker for Chrysler is claiming she lost her job after breaking off her relationship with the relative of a United Auto Workers official.

Janet Burney, who was involved in a relationship with the son of a UAW official, is accusing the UAW of gender discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation. Ms. Brunery of Chrysler’s Mack Avenue plant location, is a member of the UAW Local 51.

Ms. Burney was seeing Pat Byers, who is the son of John Byers, who was the co-director of the UAW-Chrysler National Training Center. Ms. Burney and Mr. Byers began dating in December of 2007. At the time, Janet Burney received a new job on a special assignment. She was also given a raise from $30 to $40.35 an hour.

According to the lawsuit, Pat Byers told Ms. Burnery that her job was secure as long as their relationship continued. Her lawyer, Richard A. Meier, stated that she lost her job because she confused to continue her sexual relationship with Mr. Byers.

The relationship between the two ended in March of 2010.

Following the end of their relationship, Ms. Burnery was handed two boxes of her things and asked to leave the premises immediately by a security guard. According to the lawsuit, her job was compromised due to an order that came from the UAW headquarters in Detroit.