Client Receives $500K Settlement For Pregnancy Discrimination, Wrongful Termination

The Law Offices of Kesluk, Silverstein & Jacob have secured a $500,000 settlement for a client who was the victim of wrongful termination and pregnancy discrimination, another form of employment discrimination. The plaintiff was five months pregnant and simply requested accommodation for restroom breaks, but did not receive a single meal or rest break during shifts of eight hours or more. The employer fired the plaintiff for leaving their work area to use the restroom, although the plaintiff had no communication device.

While the defendant claimed our client had suffered no “damage,” the judge noted in denying the defendant’s motion for a summary judgment that our firm had presented evidence that the plaintiff lost her job, the defendant denied her claim for unemployment and she has been using food stamps. The judge also noted that the defendant went “so far in reply” to argue that because our client was receiving government assistance, she has not been “damaged.”

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