Colorado Teacher Accuses Company of Wrongful Termination

According to the Wall Street Journal, Heather Burgbacher, a teacher in Jefferson County, Colorado, has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after her contract was not renewed.

Burgbacher, who had all positive evaluations prior, excused herself from class last year three times a week for 20 minutes to pump breast milk for her newborn baby.  The students continued to work and were supervised. Burgbacher claims to be the victim of wrongful termination. She is being represented by the ACLU.

“In order to achieve full equality for women, our workplace policies must take into account that breastfeeding is a reality in the lives of many women workers,” said ACLU  attorney Galen Sherwin.

Colorado law states that employers must provide a private room or location “other than a toilet stall” where female employees can pump breast milk.  If the school had no other reason to not renew the contract, it is safe to say that this is certainly an example of wrongful and illegal termination.

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