Congressional Report Shows Increase in Harassment and Discrimination Complaints

The congressional Office of Compliance review has reported an increase in harassment and discrimination cases on Capitol Hill, according to CNN. A report showed an increase in the number of complaints in the last five years.

The study included all complaints related to race, sex, gender, pregnancy, discrimination, harassment and hostile work environments. The study indicates that in 2011, the US federal government paid out $461,366 in settlements for 23 complaints, covering approximately 30,000 congressional employees in Washington and around the nation.

What is most interesting is that more than half of the complaints were filed by employees of the Capitol Police. Police officers filing harassment and discrimination lawsuits is certainly nothing new, but these statistics are interesting to say the least. Is it the sometimes violent nature of the job that leads to these types of incidents? Are instances of harassment and discrimination actually on the rise, or has the number of victims coming forward increased?

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