Construction Company Wins Wrongful Termination Arbitration

A Salisbury, Maryland construction company has won a wrongful termination arbitration against Haywood County, according to the Salisbury Post.  A board—appointed by the American Arbitration Association—ruled in favor of KMD Construction after they were terminated by Haywood County for a construction project in 2008.

Haywood County originally hired KMD to do the project, then terminated them after they had begun the work.  The project lagged way behind schedule only after the county’s architectural firm failed to resolve issues on two dozen open designs, according to court documents.

Kyle Davis, KMD’s owner was pleased with the outcome.

“We have spent the last 10 years building our business and relationships with many clients,” he said.  “Most in our industry would have been forced out of business by a situation such as this…Our name and reputation have been restored, and we can now move forward for future successes.”

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