Controversial Tech Class Action Employer Collusion Lawsuit Generating Attention

According to, several technology companies, including Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe are now facing a class action lawsuit over claims that they have entered into an agreement to not “poach talent from each other.”

The employees involved in the lawsuit are seeking $9 billion in lost wages, claiming that the companies seek the approval of each other before hiring employees. This reportedly creates collusion and unfair wages among employees who struggle to find promotions or job advancements.

In one case, emails were reportedly discovered between Google and Apple, where Google sought the approval of Apple to hire four software engineers who had left Apple. In an email, the late Steve Jobs reportedly said, “We’d strongly prefer that you not hire these guys,” and Google reportedly honored his wishes.

A recruiter told that the competition for hiring engineers is stiff. The recruiter said that in some instances, he saw employees go from making $80,000 per year to making $140,000 per year at other companies after only a year and a half in the market place.

The recruiter told the website that if the engineers involved in the lawsuit were blocked from potential jobs, then they were losing a substantial amount of money.

Can I File a Class Action Lawsuit Against My Employer Over Wages?

These types of collusion cases are rare, but troubling nonetheless. It should be noted that class action lawsuits are a great way for employees across the spectrum to hold a company liable for wage or overtime disputes, as well as other unfair labor practices.

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Did You Know? Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe reportedly settled a Justice Department hiring complaint in 2010 without paying any fines.