Court Considers Dismissing Class-Action Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Dozens of female employees have filed a class-action sexual harassment lawsuit against one of the largest trucking companies in the nation, according to the Washington Post. The defendant is CRST Van Expedited Inc., based in Cedar Rapids. The women allege they were propositioned, harassed and even groped on cross-country training rides by male drivers.

The women solicited the help of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In February, an Iowa court ruled that the EEOC needs to investigate the merits of each individual complaint alleged in the suit. If they fail to do so, the case can be dismissed. The entire case may be dismissed because of this ruling.

“I was beaten, I was fondled, I was humiliated and I was taught nothing,” Ramona Villareal said of her “training” ride.

Requiring the EEOC to thoroughly investigate each individual claim is ridiculous, and this has not been the requirement for class action cases in the past. There is clearly a problem at CRST, and the court will allow it to go unpunished if it dismisses this lawsuit.

“We are an agency with limited resources already, and this is something that, if it stands, would make it even more challenging for us to address and vindicate discriminatory violations in the 8th circuit,” says P. David Lopez of the EEOC.

I hope that this ruling does not stand and justice is served.

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