Court Upholds Verdict for Wrongful Termination

Cambridge Superior Courts have upheld a $7.7 million wrongful termination judgment awarded to Malvina Monteiro, according to the Cambridge Chronicle. The city has exhausted all appeals options and does not have any avenues left, according to Ellen Zucker, Monteiro’s attorney. The civil suit has stretched nearly a decade.

“This is the end of the road,” says Zucker. “There is no other guaranteed right of further review.”

Monteiro claimed that she was wrongfully terminated from her position as executive secretary of the Police Review and Advisory Board after she raised concerns about discrimination at work.  The jury apparently agreed.  The city is also required to pay court and attorney fees for Monteiro, which will bring the total closer to $10 million.

Hopefully this verdict will deter other cities and companies from employment discrimination in the future.

Kesluk, Silverstein & Jacob—employment lawyers