Company in Cy-Fair Accused of Sexual Harassment

A Cy-Fair Company is under fire by a woman claiming that she was fired after complaining of sexual harassment. Anna Prata has filed a lawsuit alleging that Peripheral Computer Support Inc. (PCS) and Cy-Fair based Computer Technology Solutions (CTS) fired her after she complained that not one, but two of her bosses had created a hostile work environment by discriminating against her based on sex, race, age and through retaliation, and harassment.

Prata claims that PCS-CTS’s COO Michael Franklin made sexual and demeaning derogatory comments toward women throughout her employment. Her complaint was made after another COO David Jarvis joined in with similar comments. She was fired on April 13, 2009.

The plaintiff is seeking damages, attorney’s fees, expert witness fees, taxable costs of court and both pre and post judgment interest for the company’s violation of the Texas Labor Code. Sexual harassment, any form of discrimination and the creation of a hostile work environment as well as retaliation, punishment or termination for making a complaint are illegal.

Many times these cases go unreported and unpunished, while the victims live with shame, embarrassment and often have trouble finding a job because they have been terminated and listed as a troublemaker. It is not an easy road to pursue justice and file a lawsuit, but those who do have the satisfaction of seeing the person or persons who have made their lives difficult, and turned their workplace into a war zone or a place of humiliation.

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