Dallas Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against City Over Officer Killed on Motorcycle While Escorting Hillary Clinton

According to Dallas News, the family of a motorcycle officer who was killed while escorting Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign, has filed a lawsuit against the city of Dallas. Dallas County judge, Emily G. Tobolowsky, dismissed the lawsuit.

In the claim, the family of Senior Cpl. Victor Lozada, claims that several factors lead to his death, including an inadequately maintained road, inadequate notice from Mrs. Clinton regarding the motorcade, and improper training for Lozada.

Senior Cpl. Dale Erves trained Victor Lozada, was named in the lawsuit as stating that he did not feel that Lozada was aptly prepared for the upcoming motorcade ride and that he had failed the training course.

Copies of the records were obtained by The Dallas Morning News and contradicted the family’s claims, showing that Lozada had performed well and passed training.

Mr. Erves alleges that the training report was a prank, a joke that may have been shared with Lozada’s wife, resulting in a misunderstanding with the family.

Other trainees also claim to have gotten a joke report. Senior Cpl. Gilbert Arevalo, another trainee, also received a joke report and believed it was a ‘common prank’ played on trainees.

Victor Lozada was part of a crew of motorcycle officers who were helping to control traffic for Clinton’s motorcade. Lozada lost control of his motorcycle, ran into concrete outcropping and was launched several feet onto the road.

The lawsuit, filed in February 2010, is still pending against Clinton, her campaign and against the Super Seer Corporation; the makers of the motorcycle helmet that Lozada was wearing.

The family’s attorney intends to appeal the decision to a higher court.