David Boreanaz Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit With TV Show Extra

According to TMZ, actor David Boreanaz has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit that claimed he promised to advance the career of a young actress in exchange for sexual favors.

Kristina Hagan claimed that Boreanaz made unwanted sexual advances towards her, including inappropriate texting of sexual explicit pictures. Hagan further claimed that the Bones actor tried to grope her, kiss and masturbated in front of her. The actor denied any wrongdoing in the Hagan case; settlement details were not disclosed.

Hagan worked as an extra on the hit TV series Bones. She named David and FOX as defendants in her lawsuit, claiming that she was subjected to sexual harassment when she was working as an extra in an episode of the show in August 2009. Hagan’s attorney said that the woman was offended by sexually explicit text messages and photos but continued a relationship as she was a struggling actress. Boreanaz kept making promises of advancing her career, saying he could “make things happen for her.”

David’s publicist issued a statement stating the allegations were totally fabricated and absurd.

Hagan’s claims came two months after Boreanaz admitted to cheating on his wife, saying that the other woman was attempting to blackmail him. He had been married to his wife Jaime Berhman for nine years at the time of his much public confession. The actor said that the other woman threatened that she would go to the media if she was not given enough money, something that David’s attorney referred to as extortion.